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With the Next Level Epitaxy from ELEMENT 3—5, we are opening up completely new possibilities for our customers. Together, we are making the production of semiconductors much more efficient, cost-effective, flexible and sustainable. As an industry and development partner, we rely on the creativity as well as many years of experience and skills of our team to find new ways to make innovations a reality.

Our vision...

…is that innovations, that make the world a better place, reach people easier, faster and more environmentally friendly. ELEMENT 3—5 is the enabler. We make the comprehensive use of the latest wide-bandgap semiconductors and all the associated advantages possible in the first place.

What we believe in


Science and innovation

Science and research are our root, development and advancing are in our DNA and thus in all our products. This is also the foundation on which we build our success as a company.


Creativity and invention

Breakthroughs are not created by following the well-trodden paths. To further drive the semiconductor revolution, we continue to rely on our courage to do something new and our team's ability to turn ideas into tangible things.


Customer orientation

The challenges of our customers are at the beginning and at the end of all our considerations. Our understanding of the pain points in the industry, of processes and structures, puts us in a special position to realize tailor-made solutions and groundbreaking things in the semiconductor world.


Passion and teamwork

We share the enthusiasm for what we do with our team members. Together, we use our individual strengths to launch disruptive technologies. Despite all the work, we also make sure that the fun is not lost.

In the beginning it was...

...a research project. ELEMENT 3—5 started at RWTH Aachen University in 2010. A small founding team developed a novel approach for the epitaxy of broadband semiconductors. In 2015, Dr Yilmaz Dikme and Dr Volker Sinhoff began to have the new system and technology independently validated by renowned laboratories and researchers. With the help of experts from industry and experienced design engineers, the first ready-for-market product was finally created. After a successful series A financing round in 2022, the mass production tool is now picking up speed.

Portrait of Dr Volker Sinhoff
Dr Volker Sinhoff
Managing Director
Volker has been managing the business of ELEMENT 3—5 since 2015. The Ph.D engineer has a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur and managing director in the high-tech sector. In 2000, together with two partners, he founded a start-up for optical components, where he acted as managing partner until a successful exit in 2013. Prior to that, Volker had already worked as General Manager of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology IPT.
Portrait of Dr Yilmaz Dikme
Dr Yilmaz Dikme
Director Technology
As a co-founder, Yilmaz has been on board at ELEMENT 3—5 from the very beginning. As Director of Technology, he is responsible for the development of the Next Level Epitaxy and its implementation. He earned his doctorate in electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University. After a few years in the semiconductor industry, he was also decisively involved in the founding of AIXaTECH GmbH, the forerunner of ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH, in 2010.
portrait of ghassan barbar
Ghassan Barbar
Director of Sales
Ghassan has been working in the semiconductor industry for about 20 years. His professional background and his many years of experience in R&D, C-level sales and product management in an international environment make the chemical engineer a recognized expert in the semiconductor industry. He worked as an independent consultant in the industry before taking over product management for the ACCELERATOR 3500K in 2022 and organizing sales.
portrait of ghassan barbar
Dr. Dirk Rost
Director Engineering
Dirk is responsible for the engineering for the complete system technology at ELEMENT 3—5. After training as a mechanic, Dirk completed his studies in physical engineering at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and then received his doctorate in the field of thin-film technology from the Technical University of Ilmenau. In his professional career, Dirk has held numerous positions in the thin-film industry, ranging from development engineer to senior principal. He bundled his proven expertise in the field of plasma and ion beam technology in 2020 with the founding of RHoPTec GmbH. The company was taken over by ELEMENT 3—5 in April 2023.

The semiconductor revolution is always looking for co-developers!

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Partnerships ensuring a future-proof technology

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The latest from the world of ELEMENT 3—5

ELEMENT 3-5 breaks new ground again – EPIWIN project successfully launched

Although ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH is already breaking new ground in semiconductor technology with the introduction of the Next Level Epitaxy, the company is pleased to be contributing another significant building block to changing semiconductor production with the launch of the EPIWIN joint project. EPIWIN stands for "epitaxy with integrated nanostructuring". The project aims to combine the Next Level Epitaxy of ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH with laser structuring processes in the sub-μm and ~10μm range in order to enable the production of low-dislocation layers in finished, isolated dies. This method will be much more cost-effective and also more environmentally friendly than the conventional method for the production of semiconductor components, which requires the use of several systems between which the wafer is repeatedly transported with an increased risk of contamination - in some cases even at different locations or outsourced to suppliers. In order to limit the risk of contamination to some extent, wafer transport is therefore carried out in vacuum-sealed disposable packaging in the conventional production sequence, which creates a large amount of packaging waste. This is not the case with EPIWIN: The integration of structuring and epitaxy into a system concept opens up the possibility of assembly line production, which, in addition to reducing the reject rate, also halves energy consumption and reduces environmental pollution by a factor of more than three. A significant cost reduction is a matter of course. In addition to ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH, which has also taken on the role of project coordinator, the project partners in the EPIWIN project are the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT and Innolite GmbH. Associated partner is Coherent Laser Systems GmbH. Thanks to Fraunhofer ILT's many years of experience in the field of laser structuring, the know-how of ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH in the field of low-temperature epitaxy and the expertise of Innolite GmbH in the production of high-precision optical elements, the necessary competencies for this project are excellently developed. The "EPIWIN" project is funded as part of the ERDF/JTF programme NRW 2021-2027 with the funding measure "Innovation Competition Industry.IN.NRW". The funds are provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, co-financed by the European Union. The start of the joint project was May 1, 2024. The term is 3 years.

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