June 23, 2023

Dr. Volker Sinhoff is guest at the panel discussion "Reshuffling the cards – new horizons for European Chip production"

What does the future hold for the European semiconductor industry? Nothing more and nothing less was the focus of the top-class panel discussion at the 10.NRW Nanoconference in Dortmund on May 24, 2023. Dr. Lutz Aschke (Mahr GmbH), Prof. Max Lemme (AMO GmbH), Dr. Harald Cremer (NMWP) and Dr. Ralf Jede (formerly Raith GmbH) were invited to the podium alongside Dr. Volker Sinhoff from ELEMENT 3—5 GmbH, to discuss the future of the high-tech industry – with remarkable results. 

In summary, it can be stated that the established technologies for the production of semiconductor chips are needed in Europe. Investments in appropriate production sites with the appropriate capacity are sensible and necessary – but not only exclusively. Rather, the panel suggested that Europe set out to develop and establish its own path. Europe is strong in innovation. Why not push the next generation of semiconductor chips? And not just based on Moore's law. Photonic structures or successor materials for silicon are buzzwords that outline future scenarios. In this context, disruptive innovations such as those of ELEMENT 3—5 are indispensable, opening up completely new markets or significantly expanding existing markets. This is the only way we will be able to close the gap with Asia and the USA and reduce our dependency in the long term. And on the other hand, it is also the more cost-effective way. ELEMENT 3—5 GmbH is already on its way towards the future ...

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