Next Level Epitaxy

From the initial planning to the final implementation: ELEMENT 3—5 is a far-reaching upheaval in the semiconductor market at all levels. We put our know-how not only into the manufacture of our systems, but above all into the comprehensive services for our customers.

STEp 1

Understand requirements

Our epitaxy experts provide in-depth know-how along the existing process chain for wide-bandgap semiconductors. With a clear vision for the future, they analyze existing processes and create a technology roadmap — with precise specifications in terms of quality, capacity, yield and profitability.

step 2

Evaluate the system

Together with our customers, we are putting the joint roadmap to the test. We carry out the first coating of the substrate with in-house equipment. After successful characterization, we continue the process on site, support the fine-tuning of the processes and the design of all necessary procedures.

step 3

Implementing the revolution

We not only supply the equipment and the design of the process chains. We also support you during the implementation with our know-how. Also with efficient monitoring of all characteristics and specifications.

high power electronics

The new ACCELERATOR 3500K is the first state-of-the-art high-performance production system for monocrystalline templates. Such templates are a key technology for the efficient mass production of products based on wide-bandgap semiconductors, LEDs, miniLEDs and microLEDs for displays and HEMTs and many other applications therefore benefit from the versatile advantages of the new ACCELERATOR 3500K.

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  • Ten times the capacity of conventional MOCVD or CVD/PVD systems
  • Highest quality, homogeneity and reproducibility through high-precision production with innovative plasma technology
  • 70 percent cost reduction compared to conventional processes
  • Particle-free application due to vertical alignment of the substrate
  • Maximum flexibility in the size and shape of the substrate

The ENABLER 150K is a revolutionary system for the production of monocrystalline bulk acoustic wave filters. For modern and future generations of mobile communications, polycrystalline materials are no longer sufficient to accommodate higher frequencies. The new epitaxy approach of ELEMENT 3—5 ensures a much more efficient production of future filter elements for telecommunications with numerous advantages.

  • Significantly higher throughput compared to conventional machines
  • Freedom of choice between AIN and AIScN
  • Excellent homogeneity and reproducibility
  • Higher manufacturing quality at lower costs
  • Optimized energy use thanks to state-of-the-art intelligent plasma technology
LISA (linear Ion Source Activator)
delivers best surface cleaning results

Our unique linear Ion source offers excellent uniformity which is suitable for surface pre-treatment or thin film coating. The linear ion source can be customized to any dimension that enables adding productivity.

  • Own or customized design
  • Linear Ion source
  • Suitable for pre-treatment or thin film coating
  • Excellent uniformity
ICP sources
Efficient activation and
cleaning of wafer surfaces

Our highly efficient plasma sources are used in PECVD or RIE processes on flat wafers up to 300mm as well as for the generation of volume plasma for etching, cleaning ad activation processes in large applications. Due to the unique inductive coupling of the RF power, our sources offers high process rates, variety of working gases at lowest thermal load on the substrate.

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