October 30, 2022

AIXaTECH GmbH changes name to ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH and launches new brand entity

AIXsTECH GmbH, an innovator of Next Level Epitaxy announced today a name change to ELEMENT3-5 GmbH.

We choose the name ELEMENT 3-5® because it reflects a strong corporate signal and underlines that we entered a new era in wide-bandgap serial production. We believe that ELEMENT 3-5® will expand our brand recognition and value creation. The focus on wide-bandgap semiconductors is now already signaled in the company name. Furthermore ELEMENT 3-5 epitaxy systems leave behind their prototype character and turn into fully automated, mature high efficiency epitaxy systems for the semiconductor market.

In addition there is a practical advantage: “We experienced abroad always the problem that the name AIXaTECH was hard to pronounce. ELEMENT 3—5 is an international brand that is easy to remember and is strongly connected to our core expertise and passion!” explains Dr. Volker Sinhoff a further motivation for the name change.

The new brand identity includes a new company logo. The logo represents the epitaxy of 3-5 single crystal wide-bandgap materials, that can be grown by the invented technology. The new company name and logo take effect immediately, the existing websites, social media platforms, and most product branding will no longer exist.

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