February 14, 2021

ELEMENT 3—5 announces early investors’ exit and successful closing of series A financing

Led by the Austrian AVV InvestmentGmbH and the Luxembourg CYCLE Group, the former AIXaTECH GmbH closed on 8 February 2022 its’ A financing round, raising a double digit Euro million amount to start serial production of its Next Level Epitaxy systems.

In conjunction with the Series A primary financing, early investors in ELEMENT 3—5, such as Seed Fonds II ofRegion Aachen GmbH, as well as business angels, have successfully sold their AIXaTECH shares to the new shareholders in a parallel secondary transaction.

“We are extremely thankful to the early stage investors who enabled us to make first steps and to show the capabilities and capacity of our novel technological approach!” says Dr Yilmaz Dikme, co-founder of AIXaTECH GmbH and today director of technologies at ELEMENT3—5. “With our new investors, we are now making the next big step: Start into the serial production of our high performance epitaxy systems. We appreciate to have investors on board who not just give us the financial freedom, but who bring in market intelligence and technological background. This is a real surplus!” adds Dr Volker Sinhoff, Managing Director of the company.  

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