October 30, 2022

ELEMENT 3—5 opens new headquarter and remains loyal to Aachen Region

ELEMENT 3—5, the innovator of single crystal epitaxy systems, announced today the move to its new high tech wide-bandgap facility in Baesweiler, Germany. The previous location of ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH became too small for the designated developments. With the move into the new building ELEMENT 3—5 took account of the future company growth and the significant increase of the mass production platform dimensions.

The movement represents a significant milestone in ELEMENT 3—5 investment in its manufacturing footprint to ramp up production capacity of its recently introduced ACCELERATOR 3500K epitaxy system. The product especially enables cost reduction in growing markets of wide-bandgap semiconductors that are applied in LED, mini, microLED, HEMT and power applications.  

Although the random conditions in the construction industry were not easy at all at that time, the office building and shop floor were finished in time. The ground area of the shop floor and the massive gantry cranes under the roof take account of the significantly increased dimensions and weight of the serial production systems. „The sheer enormity of the process chamber and the weight of the total system beyond 20 tons emphasizes the paradigm change, the novel epitaxial approach brings into the semiconductor business. For us it is a move into a new era which is also displayed by the increase of our floor space.“ explains Dr.Volker Sinhoff, Managing Director of ELEMENT 3-5 GmbH. „We see already today that we will reach the capacity limit of the building by end of next year. The end of one capacity increase is the beginning of the next one!” he adds with a smile.

The expansion is not only in terms of space but we continue actively to recruit managers, engineers and technicians to foster the envisaged company development. The bright and friendly floor plan guarantees a pleasant working atmosphere. The office furniture is designed according to the latest ergonomic findings and displays of course also the dynamic and fresh character of ELEMENT 3—5.

We appreciate to welcome you at our new headquarter location!

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