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Next Level Epitaxy brings innovation to our customers. Being able to produce compound semiconductors faster, more sustainably and up to 90 percent cheaper puts companies in growth industries such as autonomous mobility, artificial intelligence, high power or energy and energy efficiency in a completely different starting position when it comes to developing new material combinations. We provide our partners with decisive advantages from which everyone ultimately benefits, including the end user.



High-quality semiconductor layers are the basis for high-quality LEDs. The ACCELERATOR 3500K enables the cost-effective production of monocrystalline AIN layers as a starting layer for subsequent GaN growth. This saves our customers the expensive process time in the highly complex MOCVD reactor. In addition, we also significantly increase the homogeneity of the layers and the yield at chip level.



MiniLEDs and microLEDs consume up to 50 percent less energy than conventional OLED displays, have better luminosity and excellent contrast, and are therefore considered the next big thing in the display industry. Due to its high manufacturing precision, the ACCELERATOR 3500K already sets new standards for a low-cost manufacturing process. In the long term, ELEMENT 3—5 is already working on completely replacing the conventional process, as the low process temperature allows epitaxy growth of crystals directly on any shape and size of glass or flexible substrates in the future.



Modern telecommunications require the ability to transfer large amounts of data on large bandwidth very quickly. Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters already dominate in the application due to their technical properties. With the ENABLER 150K, it is possible to grow the necessary piezoelectric materials — AIN or AIScN — in monocrystalline quality. The novel process of ELEMENT 3—5 enables high layer homogeneity, adaptable lattice structure and layer thickness as well as excellent layer quality for a core product of modern information technology.


High-power electronics

ELEMENT 3—5's semiconductor revolution has the potential to transform one of the most interesting and fastest-growing markets in the entire semiconductor segment — high-power electronics. Due to the lower process temperatures, aluminum nitride can be applied to silicone, for example, without affecting its semiconductor properties. The monocrystalline production enables excellent layer qualities at more than competitive prices. The ACCELERATOR 3500K also ensures maximum flexibility in wafer dimensions.

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