October 30, 2022

ELEMENT 3—5 starts the serial production of its novel epitaxy system ACCELERATOR 3500K

Today's available technology and the disadvantageous options

Up today manufacturer of LEDs, microLEDs or HEMT could choose between the growth of the starting layer with the MOCVD process or with the help of a PVD system. The former option is a very expensive approach, due to the fact that the MOCVD process needs high process temperatures, requires a high gas flow and uses toxic gases. In turn the more cost effective PVD process reaches only polycrystalline layer qualities. Due to the specific design of the PVD systems the layers have only a limited homogeneity.

Serial production of ACCELERATOR 3500K

ELEMENT 3—5 developed a new state of the art mass production epitaxy system, the ACCELERATOR 3500K. With the start of the serial production of the ACCELERATOR 3500K, ELEMENT 3—5 sets a new epitaxy standard, and it enables the customer to have a completely new option: single crystal layer qualities and increased layer homogeneity paired with significantly reduced productions costs. And an MOCVD capacity increase is included for free!

The ACCELERATOR 3500K lives up to its’ name. The system accelerates the production on customer side significantly. The ACCELERATOR 3500K epitaxy system offers a ten times bigger capacity compared to a MOCVD reactor. In comparison to the MOCVD process the incorporation efficiency of the molecules is distinctly higher (from 35% to > 80%), which leads to significantly reduced consumable costs. In addition, toxic gases are avoided completely. All in all an advantageous solution for the user to enter new markets like microLEDs for displays or in mature markets like the classical LED and HEMT.

“The mini- and microLED boom is only just starting, in the TV sector as well as in the automotive industry. The customer demands even higher performance while at the same time ensuring cost efficiency.” explains Dr. Sinhoff. “With our innovative technology we enable customers to leap to pole position.”

„We are happy that our suppliers go along with us in these challenging times! We were able to scale up our supply and production chain in an absolutely short time frame that secures our successful start into serial manufacture!“ explains Ghassan Barbar, Manager Pilot Line.

For more details of the ACCELERATOR 3500K system please refer to the product page.

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