The semiconductor revolution is green

As a high-tech company, we have a special responsibility. With our products we commit to make the world a better place. And not only be able to produce faster and higher quality, but above all more sustainably. This is exactly why we have invested years in the development of our technology. And we will continue to invest the time to make the semiconductor revolution even greener.

Ammonia-free production

In the Next Level Epitaxy of ELEMENT 3—5, unlike in gas-phase, no NH3 is used. By using intelligent plasma, we completely avoid the use of toxic gases. This way, we make our machines safer and simpler to use, but also more environmentally friendly.

90% less energy consumption

At manufacturing temperatures below 300 °C, ELEMENT 3—5’s technology requires only about 10% of the energy and gas input of conventional systems. At the same time, we achieve twice as high the reaction and recombination efficiency of the atoms.

Responsibility along the supply chain

We demand the highest quality from ourselves, but also from our suppliers. And we only work with companies that have high quality standards – not only in technical terms, but also in legal, ethical and moral terms. We build our entrepreneurial success on future-oriented partnerships and a joint commitment to the world, as well as on the diverse opportunities from which our customers ultimately benefit.

Economies of scale for the environment

Resource-saving production of wide-bandgap semiconductors enables our customers to use highly efficient components in areas where this was previously unthinkable for cost reasons. In this way, we help to sustainably reduce the CO2 footprint of entire branches of industry.

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